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Providing short-term commercial real estate bridge financing - nationwide.

Northwind Financial is a direct lender providing loans between $1,000,000 and $12,000,000 for commercial real estate projects.

We have the experience and expertise to get the loan done – and have been doing it for over 25 years!

Experience. Professional. Close on-time. Or we pay. Guaranteed.

Headquarters - Grand Rapids, MI

Protect your assets.

Protect your customer experience.

Protect your assets. Protect your customer experience.

Don’t let just anyone handle your financing needs – we’ve been doing direct financing for over 25 years.  We’ll get it done.


Financing Projects for 25 years!

We know how to get commercial real estate projects closed.

Northwind Financial is run by a team of professionals that have financed more than $4 Billion in real estate projects.

Our founders, led by recognized industry expert Chip Cummings have over 50 years worth of finance experience and can get the loan closed for you – the right way!

Today, we’re a mutli-million dollar financing firm, and will treat your project like our own.

You will find financing companies that are bigger and cheaper, but we challenge you to find one better


No one cares as much as Northwind does.

The challenges & needs of our customers are coded

into our DNA.

So, we operate differently.

Our Guarantees

Poor fulfillment destroys value for your brand. Our founders experienced this first-hand. So, we created Northwind Guarantees — either we hit these guarantees, or we pay you for our mistakes.

App-to-close in 30 business days

We close all loans in less than thirty days because we ARE the lender.

No excuses allowed

Once we receive your application, we won’t lose it or delay it.

P.S. Ask other LO's about their guarantees.

Pick & pack accuracy

We get the right stuff to the right customer, or we’ll pay you for the mistake.

On-time closings

We get deals out the door on time, every time.

What our competitors call promises, we call lost sales, profits, and customers.

When our competitors say 99.6% accuracy, we know that’s
4 angry customers out of every thousand orders who will no longer be advocates for your brand.

Since our mistakes will hurt you, we believe they should hurt us, too.

That’s why Northwind Guarantees

to pay you for our mistakes.

Our People

Our people are your expert partners in logistics, starting the moment our team picks up the phone to understand your needs. Our team obsesses over the details because they know customers come first — your customers.

Our team members are, first and foremost, consultants

Other 3PLs might give you pricing in 15 minutes before ushering you off the phone. And we know that feels good, at first. Our team goes deep to understand your needs and create a holistic package that delivers on your unique needs. Some things are worth the wait — measure twice, cut once.

Dedicated onboarding support

Like all good relationships, with a fulfillment partner, extra care is required at the beginning. Our dedicated onboarding team puts in the extra time and energy to understand your needs and dial in a process that results in a seamless transition – for you and your customers.

Ongoing support from people who have done the work

Our Client Success Team is built from people who cut their teeth on commercial financing. They know receiving, picking, packing, and shipping firsthand. And they’re on call when you need them. Need help with an inbound logistics issue? Carrier make a mistake? Need help with a special inventory project? Talk to a real, competent team member, fast.

Our beliefs about lending

Northwind is your strategic partner in lending, built for modern loan scenarios that need to close the transaction ONTIME.

Northwind Financial is a Direct Lender, and more, from two strategic locations, offering:

That means you can:

Connect with all major loan programs.

Commercial Financing doesn’t have to be stressful. We support custom integrations with all major providers, while continuing to guarantee speed and accuracy.

There is no one size fits all loans.

Northwind provides lending services for types of projects in all shapes and sizes, but we’re not a fit for everyone. Contact us today to see if we’re a fit for you.

Zero hassle. Zero mistakes. Fast closings. Or we pay. Guaranteed.

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